is the heart of Amana. To us this means developing swimwear that makes you look forward to a nice and sunny day, swimwear that is colorful and comfortable and that you feel great in, regardless of your body type. But it also means to include nature and people so that it is fair for all sides.


It is important for us to support local manufacturers. That is the reason why we have chosen a small Brazilian production for our swimwear collection. They have convinced us with both their quality standards and their company values, flat hierarchies, equal payment and a friendly working environment. A close exchange with all participants means something to us. We believe that it enriches the working atmosphere and we also believe that you can always learn from each other.


Our fabrics come with the so called ‘elastic shape’ effect. This means that the fabric gently nestles up against your body and achieves a similar effect to Shapewear, but without making you feel as if you are suffocating.