We obtain the fabrics for our swimwear from Santaconstancia, a Brazilian family business with over 70 years of experience and tradition. The criteria that plays a role for us are high-quality processing and the biodegradability of the textiles.

Our partner Santaconstancia stands for sustainability to a high degree and relies on Amni Soul Eco®, a biodegradable yarn which under optimal conditions is fully compostable within five years. Don’t worry, this does not mean that your bikini will slowly dissolve while you wear it. The decomposition only takes place after your bikini has been disposed of at a landfill where bacterial activity is present. All that remains is your memory. Amni Soul Eco® is classified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard, which guarantees that no substances are used that could harm the health of adults, children and babies.

Apart from its eco-friendly aspects, Amni Soul Eco® offers its wearers comfort, breathability, high quality of colors and easy care. By using Amni Soul Eco®, we take responsibility and contribute to reducing the environmental impact and the amount of waste left behind for future generations.

Find out more about Amni Soul Eco® in the following video and in our blog.