Hello Spring! Oh, how much did we complain again, about the short dark days, about muddy roads and bad-tempered fellow human beings on buses and trains. But as in all the years before, we managed to get through the winter without any lasting damage (hopefully). Of course, last winter was particularly tough and many of us will have vowed to emigrate south next year or to flee to Bali before the next cold front. But while some may one day actually fulfil this dream, or have already done so, for most of us it will probably remain wishful thinking and the reality will be the annual visit to the Christmas market and the purchase of a new winter jacket.

But before we digress too much, let’s quickly return to spring and its many facets. Humans tend towards routine and so with the first rays of sunshine, the imaginary routine book “Spring – the etiquette” is pulled out again. 

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Chapter 1: Where’s my bike? 

As long as it hasn’t had to make way for a fancy e-bike, the good old bicycle has remained rooted to its old place in the basement or garage. In winter, it was only used by hardened bicycle enthusiasts who, armed with a yellow high-visibility waistcoat, did not even stop at 50 tonnes of gravel, which is preferably spread on German roads. I can still picture my own father, who was himself a “member” of this sworn troop many years ago. However, he rather relied on sexy reflector bands for the ankles and an equally chic helmet lamp. True to the motto “fashionable into old age…”. Road safety is often ridiculed. But many cyclists are an absolute role model, maybe just not in terms of fashion.

Chapter 2: The balcony cries out for love

Back in the days our mother or grandmother had to force us, nowadays we do it with a passion that is almost frightening. We voluntarily plant our balcony or terrace and take such loving care of the new seeds that I sometimes am a little surprised about myself . My lavender, freshly planted a few days ago, is now closely inspected by me every day for progress, the olive tree is caressed with a tenderness that my girlfriend is probably jealous of, and yesterday I actually caught myself using the hoover to give the artificial grass on our balcony a new shine. Artificial grass! Me? On my own balcony? Maybe I should dream about Bali again…

Chapter 3: Finally another sunburn

Long time no see, but still not forgotten: the last severe sunburn. Once a year, most of us get it. Although we should know better and supposedly learn from our mistakes, it happens again at some point. 17 degrees, sun. Actually not that warm. Our science teacher explained to us at some point why the sun is so powerful in spring and why it’s better to drench ourselves in sunscreen, but that’s quickly forgotten after the second Aperol Spritz. Day drinking, finally. The first feeling of tension coupled with a slight burning sensation in the face makes you pause for a moment. Sun? Hot? Sunscreen? What ever, spring is here. Finally, another sunburn!  



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