1. Less is more – pack light

The best way to travel is to pack light. Not only does it save you the hassle of carrying a heavy suitcase or bagpack, it also lands you cheaper airplane tickets and makes it easier to move around. But how does light packing effect the environment? When flying, weight matters. Airplanes are the most efficient and comfortable way of getting you to your holiday destination but they are also the least friendly way for the environment. An airplane runs on fuel. So the heavier it is, the more fuel is needed. The more fuel, the heavier the impact on the environment. Most of us will continue using airplanes when travelling. Even the current situation around Covid19 won’t change that. Human kind is infected with a travel bug, a desire to explore. And thanks to aviation we are able to please this craving for adventure and discover our dream destinations far away. We can not deny the environmental footprint that we are leaving behind when flying, but by reducing the weight of your suitcase, we can do our part. Our bikinis fit perfectly well in every hand luggage and combined with your favorite cocktail at the beach you will soon realise, less is more.

2. Embrace your time – Stay longer in places

We tend to over optimize our holidays by planning too many stop overs or trying to squeeze in as many ‘Must See’s’ as possible. We feel like we need to “make the most of it” or might be led by recommendations such as “The Top 10 Things to see in Rome” posted on social media platforms like Instagram or Trip Advisor. Sometimes we have it all planned out but then question our decisions after being confronted with potentially bigger or better choices. Personally, we have made the experience that this can leave us behind feeling somewhat stressed or “pressured” to have to see it all. If you have experienced the same, for your next holidays you might want to focus on the things you really want to do. Pick a nice hotel, chill out, get to know the locals or make small day trips instead of constantly changing locations. While feeling more relaxed, you will also reduce your environmental footprint. Less travels means less emission blown into the atmosphere, less waste being taken along during your travels and you will save money spent on airfares and transportation. We know, this might not be for everyone, so if you rather spend your holidays experiencing as many different surf spots or sunsets as possible, you might want to consider using alternative transportation while discovering the country of your choice. In any way, have fun traveling!

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3. Alternative transportation

Traveling with a sustainable mindset is hard. Sticking to a small budget at the same time is even harder, especially if you are planning on visiting many different places while on holiday. We all know that planes are the most efficient way and these days sometimes even the cheapest way of getting you to your holiday destination. But as mentioned before, they are also one of the most harmful to the environment. We know how convenient flying is and with a background in the aviation industry, I am the last to point fingers. We do however choose alternative forms of transportation whenever possible. Buses and trains for example are an excellent alternative especially when traveling inland and they will have less of an environmental impact. Next time, when travelling between cities and towns, you might want to consider looking up train or bus companies to take you to your next stop. You can often get some really good deals plus it makes your travel a lot more scenic. The Swiss alps, the Australian outback or Italy all the way down south to Calabria, we’ve traveled it all by either train or bus. You will get to see the country side and discover small little towns you might have never experienced otherwise. Make sure you stop in between and enjoy a slice of the finest Italian pizza and a glass of Rosé in some little Italian town along the way. Cheers!

4. Bring your own reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are everywhere and we have all seen the pictures of beaches and bays being covered in them. The negative impact they have on the environment is obvious. By bringing your own reusable water bottle along on your holiday you can reduce your environmental footprint and at the same time save money on over priced water in tourist areas. If your accommodation has safe drinking water, fill up your bottle before you head out on a day trip. The only thing that’s missing now is a stylish way of carrying your water bottle with you while discovering the new place. We might just have the perfect solution for you, with our Amana water bottle carrier right here.

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